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    The William Kibby VC Veterans Shed is an initiative of a Vietnam veteran, Barry Heffernan.


    The Shed and Memorial Garden at Kibby Reserve, on Kibby Avenue, Glenelg North, South Australia is the first Veterans shed registered with the Australian Men’s Shed Association that is specifically intended for veterans of any gender, of all conflicts, and anyone who served in the Australian uniform regardless of whether or not they saw operational service.

    The aim of the Veterans Shed is to create and maintain an environment for veterans and ex-service personnel where concerns, past trauma, health issues and welfare issues can be discussed with other veterans who have empathy through similar life experience in operational areas.

    The Veterans Shed is named after William Kibby, an Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross.


    The Veterans Shed is managed by the William Kibby VC Veterans Men’s Shed Association Inc. which is staffed and managed by volunteers who have a military service background. This group will provide all of their own insurance including public liability and other relevant insurance policies.


    A Constitution has been developed for the Shed, and an Operation & Risk Management Manual. Veterans who attend this Shed will be taught the proper ways to use tools and machinery and all of this will be in line with a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety program.


    The Veterans Shed was registered with the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) in October 2011 (registration number AMSA 600), and has the support of the City of Holdfast Bay, who have given the William Kibby VC Veterans Men’s Shed Association Inc access to land on Kibby Reserve, Glenelg North (owned by the City), to build the shed.



    ABN: 82 068 477 302


    Interview with the founder and volunteers of the William Kibby VC Veterans Shed

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