The Positive Health and Social Impact of Men’s Sheds

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    In 2013, research was undertaken by UltraFleet on behalf of the Australian Men’s Sheds Association and beyond blue, the national depression initiative of Australia.


    The research sought to evaluate the impact on the lives of Shed members, by identifying, through qualitative and quantitative means to what degree Men’s Sheds:

    1. help men regain a sense of purpose in life
    2. enhance self-esteem
    3. decrease social isolation
    4. facilitate friendship and companionship
    5. provide an environment conducive to learning
    6. improve physical health
    7. increase awareness of depression and anxiety
    8. reduce stigma of depression and anxiety
    9. increase help-seeking for depression and anxiety
    10. increase help-seeking for other health issues.

    Findings included that Men’s Sheds are ideally placed to serve as a primary health initiative; that awareness of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety is improved through Shed membership; and that there are clear health benefits from being associated with a Shed.


    The reports and summaries have been made available here:


    The Men’s Shed model has also been picked up in Ireland, and both the Irish and Australian Men’s Sheds movements have been featured in the US online magazine Shareable.